Shaping & Toning

1. Warm up

2. Workout segment (60 min version) includes following intervals:

- Wide step squat (quads, glutes, hams, inner thighs) & Windmill (core, shoulders)

- Thud curls (core, hams) & Lift back (core, glutes, hams)

- Three step & Welcome (core, inner thighs, shoulders, biceps) & Rowing (upper back, biceps)

- Angled squat (quads, outer thighs) & Diagonal push (pecs, shoulders)

- Leg adduction (core, inner thighs) & Jean claude (shoulders, biceps, core)

- Leg abduction (outer thighs, core) & Cross country skier (core, shoulders, upper back)

- Alternate knee up (core, quads, hip flexors) & Arm swing (core, shoulders, biceps)

- Alternate hip extension (core, glutes, hams) & Chest squeeze (pecs, shoulders)

- Squat wide (quads, glutes, hams) & Butterfly (upper back, shoulders)

- Leg extensions (core, glutes, hams) & Windshield wipers (biceps, shoulders)

- Sirtaki (core, inner thighs, hams) & Reach for the top (core, shoulders, triceps)

- Front & back (core, inner thighs) & Shoulder shrugs (shoulders, upper back)

- Leg curl (core, hams, quads) & Biceps Curl (biceps)

- Good morning (lower back, glutes, hams) & Rock the baby (core)

- Triple threat (quads, glutes, hams, outer thighs) & Upright row (traps, biceps, shoulders)

3. Cool down