FREESTYLER™ tubing is one of very few, if not the only product using tubing, that has gone through extensive testing in laboratories. Below you can see a chart, where tube strength and aging (artificial) has been tested. You can see clearly, that Freestyler tubing set has linear strength increase, which is very important in defining the correct workload during workouts. Also artificial aging, where tubes were exposed to 70°C for 7 days (equivalent of one year period), show very little deterioration through time (less than 8 % in one year), which is a rarity amongst tubing available on the market.

1. ) Behaviour of the resistance tubing samples during the tensile measurements (N vs tube strength) & artificial aging (1 year period). The tensile characteristics were tested on tensile machine ZWICK Z400 WN, at (23 ±2) °C , with a constant speed of grip separation of (100 ± 10) mm/min.

2.) Behaviour of the resistance tubing samples (% elongation vs tube strength) … average value is 600% elongation.

All elastic products have characteristic force – elongation curves, which are typicallly three phased. The first phase is marked by an exponential increase in the first 25 % elongation. Next, there is a linear increase between 25 % and 500 % and finally a sharp exponential increase until failure. Therefore, it is recomended that exercise is performed between 25 % and 250 % elongation and resistance increased by progressing to the next tubing strength rather than increasing the stretch on the tubing.


The FREESTYLER™ device solves this problem at its root. Its unique system of hyperboloid rollers distributes force evenly which enables all the exercises on the FREESTYLER™ device to be performed in the optimal elongation range.



Your FREESTYLER™ has a warranty of one year for all parts from its purchase date. In the event of a manufacturer’s defect or other potential defects we will repair or replace it promptly with no questions asked. We take great pride in providing support and service our clients need.