Functional training attempts to adapt or develop exercises that allow individuals to perform the activities of daily life more easily and without injuries, while at the same time efficiently shapes & tones your body.


This belief led us to create a device that promotes 3D functional movements. Freestyler was designed to let your body move as it was naturally engineered giving you the efficiency you need and the freedom you deserve.

Freestyler works the whole body at once, as any fitness expert will tell you that this is the only proper way to workout ... as oppose to products or exercises who work only one muscle group producing imbalance in body and creating potential for injuries. 

Freestyler on the other hand provides simultaneous attachment of the tubes to all four limbs at the same time, so your body is under safe & efficient elastic resistance throughout the workout (on the Freestyler every move counts). This facilitates better efficiency and a workout which gives you a good looking body (lean tone muscles, no bulk) and at the same time a functional body (injury prevention, improvement in sport activities since it promotes whole body coordination with amazing "core" training).


We used elastic tubes because they are much more similar to the muscle structure than any other equipment which makes the workout feel more natural and enables lean looking muscles. The Freestyler will help you shape a healthy and perfectly toned body with exercises that include slow controlled movements.

You can burn maximum calories and at the same time tone your body. It is simple and safe to use, easy to follow, supported by our video virtual trainer that will lead you through the workouts. The workouts are adapted to different fitness goals and for different workout preferences.