Freestyler - Super toning system

I don't do diets

I don't believe in diets. My new healthy lifestyle. My recipe booklet. Use vegetables from the garden. Have kids help out in the kitchen. So, I'm on a mission to tone up myself.

Meet Tatiana

Interview with Freestyler Education Specialist Tatiana Today in the spotlight our Freestyler Education Specialist (FES) Tatiana.

Meet Evagelia

Meet Evagelia, an inspiring mom of three that booked fantastic results with the Freestyler only 4 months. Evagelia Sotiropoulou is a 40 year old mom of 3 children, who lives in Greece.

Meet Annemiek Smegen

Annemiek is one of our FES, Freestyler Education Specialists, from The Netherlands. Together with her partner Ron Naranjo she runs Queno sports education in Westerbork, Belgium and Aruba and she offers (Freestyler) trainings in various places on our planet.

Finally the FS App is here!

I love Freestyler and I really believe everything we shout about weight loss, resistance training and the complete body workout, but it's time to come clean. Ever since I joined the Freestyler family in 2013, I have actually stood on the Freestyler about 4 times.

I got board!

I got board, Fitbit 10.000 steps a day, Freestyler workout, reaching my miss A few years ago, I treated myself to a Fitbit; an activity tracker, to help me get moving. Unfortunately around October last year it broke and I had a tough time staying active during the winter. For Valentine's I was gifted a new Fitbit charge 2 and since that day I promised myself to take at least 10.000 steps a day, for a whole year. Some days those 10.000 steps are piece of cake, but other days, after putting the kids to bed, the counter only reached about 8.000 steps. Determined as I am, I will get out my hula-hoop and make it turn till I hit the 10.000, while watching an episode of 'vikings' on Netflix.