Freestyler - Super toning system

I don't do diets

I don't believe in diets. My new healthy lifestyle. My recipe booklet. Use vegetables from the garden. Have kids help out in the kitchen. So, I'm on a mission to tone up myself.

Quick pasta dish with vegetables

Quick pasta dish with vegetables, serving a tasty, healthy meal on a day with less time to spend in the kitchen. Some days we just don't have time to spend hours in the kitchen, but we still want something tasty and healthy on the table. Last tuesday we spent most of our time on meetings and that's when this easy made pasta dish with vegetables was served. With less time spent cooking, we could all find some time to enjoy this lunch together. Yum!

Oliwia's curry

Office meal by Oliwia, improvised curry Last week was my first working day in the office in about 5 years! Every Tuesday I will join our Freestyler team in their cosy work place, making it easier to discuss important matters and work more efficiently. How lucky I am... I get to enjoy their work lunches as everyday in the office, one is cooking for the rest of us! Overall the meals that are cooked are healthy and giving our bodies and minds a boost, last week Oliwia made us an improvised curry and it was 'finger-licking' good.

Fresh potato salad with pointed sweet red pepper and spring onions

Fresh potato salad with pointed sweet red pepper and spring onions. Easy and quick recipe There is nothing more satisfying than a fresh, cold meal for those warm summer days. Today I'd like to share a dish that is very easy and quickly put on the table and very important, appreciated by the whole family.

Ice tea with cucumber and lime

Homemade ice tea with cucumber and lime Part of my new healthy lifestyle is, upping the amount of water intake a day. Whatever article I read online, they all tell me to drink at least 1,5 liter of water a day, some even advise to dubble that amount. As plain water can be quite boring and the liquids in the supermarkets are full of sugars, we made our own ice tea! The kids were not very excited... but I loved it!