A well thought out step by step program for rehabilitation of hip joint mainly consisting of PNF movement patterns, which simulate natural human movements. For easier understanding, exercises are divided into three groups:

For easier understanding, exercises are divided into three groups:

- FLEXIBILITY (increasing joint mobility),
- MUSCLE STRENGTHENING (improving muscle strength, coordination & balance),
- PNF STRETCHING (stretch & relax).

In order to achieve normal joint flexibility, the joint articular surfaces must be intact and in a correct position. In addition, the joint must contain enough synovial fluid which enables the physiological gliding of articular surfaces. Injuries, long periods of rest, surgeries, hemorrhages, reduced perfusion and the like usually cause a reduced range of motion. Thus, it is essential to attain a normal range of motion before muscle strengthening begins. One's own body weight is used to increase the flexibility.

Stronger muscles provide support for the injured area, which also cushions it against the jars and jolts of ordinary life. This doesn't sound that important, but it turns out to be the single most effective part of a successful exercise treatment program.

The most common problem when the patients perform exercises on their own is inaccuracy. The movements are not performed in the entire range of motion, which leads to imbalance and unstable joints, further increasing the risk of repeated injuries. Thus, when performing exercises one needs to pay attention and be accurate. Most exercises are created according to the basic principles of PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation). Strengthening exercises are best performed every other day, or three times per week.

There are many ways of stretching. Currently, PNF stretching is the fastest and most effective way of muscle stretching that increases the range of motion of the joints. PNF is a combination of active (isometric) and passive muscle work with the aim of attaining the maximal possible muscle flexibility.

The FREESTYLER EASY PNF™ SYSTEM offers a great opportunity for complete, step by step rehabilitation programs.