1. Take Freestyler baseboard, a pair of tubes of desired strength, a pair of ankle cuffs, a pair of handles (or Pilates straps - sold separately) and a Freestyler exercise mat.
2. Tubing strength increases from strength EASY (easiest) to strength SPORT(hardest).
3. Check the guidelines for choosing the appropriate tubing strength according to your fitness level.
4. Find an even floor for your Freestyler base board where you will have enough room to do the workout.
5. Put the ends of the tubes through the corresponding holes in the baseboard and under the hyperboloid rollers.
6. Buckle the handle to one side of each tube and attach the ankle cuff to the other side. Ankle cuffs must be to the inner side of the roller and handles to the outer side.
7. Place the ankle cuffs around your ankles, but not too tightly; they should still be able to turn around your ankles. Take handles in your hands.
8. After the workout, unbuckle the handles and remove the ankle cuffs. If necessary, ankle cuffs and handles should preferably be sprayed with antibacterial agent and wiped dry with a small towel.

IMPROPER USE (treat your Freestyler with care):

- avoid stretching the tube over 250% of its original length (maximum stretch),
- avoid stepping on or placing the board over the tubes, handles or carabines,
- make sure the tubes are placed correctly under the rollers (no double loops),
- do not expose tubes to direct sunlight for longer periods,
- the board should be placed on the surface gently (do not drop from height).